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A Comprehensive Guzheng eBook Arriving July 20th, 2023

Updated: Jan 19

“Ancient Strings: A Brief Guide to the Traditional Chinese Instrument Guzheng” by Annie Zhou

Do you enjoy the entrancing sound of traditional Chinese music? Have you ever sought to learn more about the Guzheng, a beautiful Chinese instrument? In my new eBook, we will dig into the Guzheng's rich history, structure, scales, basic playing techniques, and major Guzheng music schools. This guide might be your key to uncovering the world of Guzheng, whether you're a beginner or a music professional.

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Annie Zhou eBook Cover
Book Cover of "Ancient Strings: A Brief Guide to the Traditional Chinese Instrument Guzheng" by Annie Zhou

It includes below topics:

  • Guzheng History

  • Guzheng Structure

  • Guzheng Scales and Notations

  • Playing Guzheng

  • Guzheng Music

Guzheng History. The first section of this eBook takes you on a journey through the fascinating history of the Guzheng. Explore its origins, which date back over 2,500 years, and discover how this iconic instrument has evolved over time, as well as similar instruments in other Asian countries.

Guzheng Structure. In this section, we will explore the various components that make up this beautiful instrument, including the boards, bridges, strings, discover the different materials used in crafting a Guzheng and how they contribute to its unique sound. Gain a deeper understanding of the instrument's construction and the impact it has on its tonal qualities.

Guzheng Scales and Notations. To master the art of playing the Guzheng, it is crucial to understand the traditional Chinese pentatonic scales(五声音阶) and numbered notations(简谱) used in its music. Dive into the melodic world of the Guzheng as we unravel the mysteries of these scales and their significance in Chinese music.You'll also gain insight into the numbered notation system and how it is used in Guzheng sheet music. I've made some charts of the numbered notation system to help you better understand and memorize the notes.

Playing Guzheng. Ready to bring the Guzheng to life with your own hands? In this section, I'll guide you through the essential techniques and playing styles of the Guzheng. Getting to know the basic plucking techniques, learn the fundamentals required to play this captivating instrument, develop your skills and enhance your musical expression. I also included a Guzheng tuning chart and a table of the Common Guzheng techniques and symbols. However, keep in mind that it's a basic tutorial in the comprehensive Guzheng guide, I will elaborate on the details of learning Guzheng in my later publications.

Guzheng Music. The Guzheng is deeply rooted in Chinese culture, and it has given rise to distinct regional music styles. In this section, I'll introduce you to the five major Guzheng music schools, each with its own unique characteristics and repertoire. Explore the powerful melodies of the Northern Zheng(Henan, Shandong), and the graceful elegance of the Southern Zheng(Zhejiang, Chaozhou, Hakka), and a glance of Guzheng music in the modern era.

In the end, I hope this eBook serves as a comprehensive guide to help you embark on your Guzheng journey. From reading the history, structure, scales, notations, techniques, and music schools associated with China’s treasured musical instrument Guzheng, the resource will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to appreciate and play the Guzheng. So, get ready to immerse yourself in the captivating world of this mesmerizing Chinese instrument. Start playing and let the beautiful melodies of the Guzheng transport you to a realm of enchantment and musical expression.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is it difficult to learn how to play the Guzheng?

A: Learning to play the Guzheng requires dedication and practice, but I believe you can master it with the right resources and proper guidance, as well as your patience. Feel free to send me an email or book a lesson through my website!

Q: Can I learn the Guzheng online?

A: Absolutely! I offer lessons and tutorials for learning the Guzheng through online meetings. You'll need a computer or smartphone/tablet with a camera, and the instrument Guzheng at your place.

Q: What are some famous Guzheng compositions?

A: Some popular Guzheng pieces include " High Mountains and Flowing Water," " Battle Against Typhoon," "Spring River Flower Moon Night", and so on. There’re just too many beautiful Guzheng pieces, I have introduced some of them in this book.

Q: Can I play contemporary music on the Guzheng?

A: Yes, the Guzheng has been adapted to play a wide range of musical genres, including contemporary and popular music.

Q: Are there different sizes of Guzheng?

A: Yes, the Guzheng comes in various sizes, although a standard Guzheng is about 163 cm long and comes with 21 strings, you may find this instrument in different sizes.

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