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Bridging Cultures Through Music: Annie Zhou Lunar New Year Guzheng Performances

As the Lunar New Year festivities swept across the globe, one name stood out among the performers, captivating audiences with a unique blend of traditional and contemporary music – the Chinese Guzheng performer/composer Annie Zhou. With her unparalleled talent and passion for music, Annie delivered an array of unforgettable performances, leaving a lasting impression on all who had the pleasure of experiencing her artistry.

Listen to Annie Zhou's traditional, pop covers, and original Guzheng music recordings on Spotify and other streaming platforms.

Baldwin Park, CA - Lunar New Year Festival Gala

Annie kicked off her 2024 Lunar New Year journey at the prestigious 20th US Chinese-American New Year Festival Gala(Los Angeles), hosted in the Performing Arts Center of Baldwin Park, where she graced the stage as a solo artist and wielding the charming tones of the traditional Chinese instrument, Guzheng.

Annie Zhou Receives Trophy and Performing on Stage at the 20th US Chinese-American New Year Festival Gala, Photos by Weibin Hu

This is the fourth time in a row that she's been invited to perform at the Chinese-American New Year Festival Gala. Her elegant pop song performances on the Guzheng not only dazzled the audience but also earned her a well-deserved music award from the Festival Committee, solidifying her place as a representative of this Chinese instrument in the music industry of the USA.

Los Angeles, CA - Lunar New Year Event

Following her stunning performance at the Chinese-American New Year Gala, Annie Zhou joined singer-songwriter Jessica Fichot's quartet at the Shanghai Nights: A Lunar New Year Celebration at Benny Boy Brewing, Los Angeles. With an excited crowd eagerly awaiting, Annie showcased one of her original compositions and seamlessly blended the distinctive tones of the Guzheng with the quartet's Mandarin pop songs.

Jessica Fichot's Quartet & Annie Zhou

Kansas City, MI, Casino Lunar New Year Event

Taking her talents to the heartland of America, this year Annie brought her Amare Girls Band, to Kansas City, MI, where they delighted casino guests with a dynamic performance featuring Annie Zhou's original composition "Amare Girls", her arrangements of several well-known Chinese pop songs and Chinese New Year songs.

Annie Zhou & Amare Girls Band Performing at Kansas City, MI, photos by Xiaolin Li

Founded by Annie Zhou, Amare Girls Band intertwines traditional Chinese instruments like the Guzheng and Pipa with Western ones such as the Flute and Violin, this all-female band promotes women's empowerment and racial equality, showcasing musical talent and advocacy for inclusivity. Their innovative mix results in a dynamic performance, merging traditional and pop tunes with modern flair, and pushing artistic boundaries. The band's electrifying show left an indelible mark on the Lunar New Year celebration at the casino and left a memorable experience for all in attendance.

Las Vegas, NV - Casino Lunar New Year VIP Event

Returning to the dazzling lights of Las Vegas after the Kansas City show, Annie Zhou mesmerized audiences once again with her solo Guzheng performance at a prestigious casino Lunar New Year event, catering exclusively to VIP clientele. Her ethereal melodies transported guests to a world of elegance and refinement, setting the event for an unforgettable evening of celebration.

Notably, this marked Annie's third appearance at the same casino for their Lunar New Year celebration, where she consistently delighted guests with her exceptional renditions of traditional and pop solo songs on the Guzheng. Infusing authentic Asian and Chinese flavors into the dinner event, Annie's performances added a touch of cultural richness and sophistication, further enhancing the overall experience for the guests.

Annie Zhou Guzheng Performance in Las Vagas, casino VIP event

With the Lunar New Year event dates filling up quickly, secure your spot now by filling out the booking form or connecting with Annie Zhou to discuss her availability for your upcoming event!

Culver City, CA - Sony Pictures Lunar New Year Event

However, one of the highlights of Annie's Lunar New Year journey this year came with her performance at Sony Pictures. Hired as the featured solo performer, Annie masterfully wove together the intricate threads of traditional Chinese music, English pop hits, and Chinese festive New Year tunes at their Lunar New Year Celebration.

Annie Zhou Performing Guzheng at Sony Pictures Lunar New Year Event. Photo by Mark from Sony Asian Group
Annie Zhou Performing Guzheng at Sony Pictures Lunar New Year Event. Photo by Mark from Sony Asian Group

Taking center stage at the Sony ACE event in Culver City, California, her Guzheng performance elicited thunderous applause from the audience and garnered countless compliments from both the client and attendees alike. This stellar reception solidified Annie's standing as a top-tier Chinese Guzheng performer in the United States, showcasing her unparalleled talent and musical prowess on a grand stage.

Pasadena, CA - Lunar New Year Celebration

Wrapping up her Lunar New Year performances for 2024, Annie Zhou and her Amare Girls Band band took the stage at One Colorado Pasadena, marking another memorable Chinese New Year celebration, their energetic performance infused the air with catching rhythms and melodies. From traditional Chinese tunes to contemporary pop hits, Annie and her band delivered a performance that was as diverse as it was dynamic, ensuring that the Lunar New Year event at One Colorado Pasadena would be etched into the memories of all the audience who attended.

Annie Zhou & Amare Girls Band at One Colorado Pasadena
Annie Zhou & Amare Girls Band at One Colorado Pasadena

Elevate Your Event with Annie Zhou's Performance

Above are the highlights of Annie Zhou and her Amare Girls Bnad's Lunar New Year performances for 2024, where she showcased her mastery of the Guzheng, leaving countless audiences with a unique and unforgettable visual-audio experience. Annie Zhou is poised to captivate even more hearts - whether it's a grand gala, an intimate gathering, a VIP event, a casino event, a wedding, an AAPI cultural event, or a corporate event, booking early is the key to ensuring a successful experience for all.

While Annie diligently strives to accommodate all booking requests, her calendar prioritizes those who confirm bookings on a first-come, first-served basis. With the best event dates filling up quickly, why wait? Secure your spot now by filling out the booking form or connecting with Annie Zhou to discuss her availability for your upcoming event. Join her on a musical journey that transcends borders and bridges cultures, leaving a lasting legacy of harmony and joy!


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