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Jade Heart: Original Guzheng Works – A Fresh Release of Chinese Instrumental Music Composition

About this New Album

I'm very excited to share that my new original album - Jade Heart: Original Guzheng Works, is available now on physical CD, and will be released on streaming platforms like SpotifyApple Music, Amazon Music, Bandcamp Youtube, Deezer, Pandora, QQ Music, etc. on June 20th, 2024! This album features eight of my original compositions, primarily centered around the soul-stirring tones of the Guzheng, a traditional Chinese instrument close to my heart.

Over the years, I've poured my passion into crafting a collection that oscillates between soothing serenity and dynamic intensity. As both the performer and composer, I've intricately woven challenging Guzheng techniques into these compositions, creating a sonic tapestry that's unique and evocative. Besides Guzheng solos, the album also includes two tracks featuring piano and strings, showcasing the special blend of Eastern and Western instruments.

Tracks in this album - Jade Heart: Original Guzheng Works
  1. Jade Heart

  2. Spring Sprouts

  3. Raining Dream (feat. Leonardo Anthony)

  4. Over the Bridge

  5. Moon Dance

  6. Contemplation

  7. In This Fall

  8. Maybe Wondering (feat. Chris Rorrer & Danielle Yi)

Links to My Online Streaming Platforms:

My Favorite Songs in This Album

All the music I wrote is like my babies, so it's hard to say which one I like the most. However, my newest composition, Jade Heart, is definitely my recent favorite. I got the inspiration for this piece during a hike in a tranquil forest, with streams running and birds singing, which inspired me to give the song a soothing quality. This track is available now, take a listen on streaming platforms.

Spring Sprouts shares a similar calm mood. As one of my very first Guzheng solo compositions, it carries a hopeful message, encouraging bravery during the winter until we see the spring flowers blossom.

Moon Dance and Contemplation are a bit different. Moon Dance tells a story of solitude. The intro and adagio feature a unique vibrato technique and a slow melody gradually increases in tempo, creating an enigmatic ambiance that portrays a vast and unknown universe. The allegro section is lively and spirited, reminiscent of attending a solitary carnival on a desolate moon, followed by an ending that reverts to the original melancholic and quieter state.

In Contemplation, I tuned my Guzheng to a non-traditional key, giving the song an exotic feeling. Both pieces are intense during the fast sections, especially Contemplation, where I used challenging techniques like a special four-finger tremolo (three of them playing on a root note while the thumb plucks the main melody simultaneously) to elevate the fullness of the musical expression.

The last piece in this album, Maybe Wondering, is my first composition for these three instruments: Guzheng, Piano, and Cello, it's a song that weaves a narrative imbued with gentle melancholy. This piece is a beautiful combination of Guzheng, Piano, and Cello - these instruments from distinct cultures, continuously interweave and harmonize throughout this easy-listening song, blending their unique and touching tonalities.

My Journey with the Guzheng

Over the years, I've been dedicated to writing, recording, and performing music with this traditional Chinese instrument Guzheng. I feel it's my responsibility to let more people in the United States and around the globe hear it because of its amazing sound. I can't count how many people have approached me after live performances, urging me to keep performing and sharing my beautiful music. Their support and encouragement from my fans and listeners are my biggest motivation to continue making music with my instrument Guzheng.

Being an independent artist is definitely not easy. From writing, recording, post-production, and distribution, to album art, music videos, and promotions, sometimes I had to do all of these by myself. It's even more challenging given the small audience size for this traditional Chinese instrument. But with all the inspiration and motivation, I'll always do my best to write more original songs for my audiences and for myself.

I sincerely hope my listeners will enjoy this intimate journey, where every note resonates with my artistic expression, and experience the distinctive fusion of tradition and creativity that defines my musical identity.

Thank you for supporting my work by purchasing Jade Heart physical CD, or listening on streaming platforms: Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, BandcampYoutube, Deezer, Pandora, QQ Music, etc. Also, if you have any thoughts or comments about my music, please feel free to contact me here!


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